You want your house plans to include all the great design ideas and layouts you have seen in your life. You know the way it should look in your mind, but when it comes to putting all the pieces together it doesn't seem to work. Call us to get your custom home plan design drawn properly. I will take your plan and elevation ideas and turn them into your own vision of what you want your home to be. We provide people a chance to work with an Architect at an affordable rate, taking your ideas and developing them into a complete set of plans that you can give your builder, as well as get your building permit.


Home Plan Professional is your best choice for cad drafting services. We provide cad drafting services for owner-builders, architects, engineers and contractors.

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We convert paper documents into accurate AutoCad files. Scanned drawings, blueprints are traced by trained drafters, and checked continually by licensed US architects.

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Taking your scanned paper drawings and bringing them into autocad format by manually redrawing them with trained draftsman. This is the only way to get a good cad file.

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Architectural drafting and cad services are our main focus. House Plan Professional cad drafting services to architects, engineers and contractors.

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Ask an Architect is a f'ree design advice service. Ask any question relating to your house plans, architectural design, or general construction questions including:

  • Questions about what we do and how we charge for our services
  • Questions regarding your remodeling project
  • Building and construction questions
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  • What are the main things I should be concerned about when I design a home
  • Safety issues

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A complete set of drawings includes the following for only 80 cents a square foot

Cover sheet, Site plan, All floor plans, All exterior elevations, Electrical plan Foundation Plan, Floor framing plan, Roof framing plan, Wall sections, Building section, Details

Starting from $250 for a design set of plans and elevations ( first and second floor plans, front elevation and one side elevation).
Call me for a firm quote, then scan your documents at 200 dpi ( dots per inch) and save as jpg or tiff and email them: Email
We will give you a set of plot files that you can take ot get as many blueprints made as you want. We will give you pdf files that you can take to be plotted on reproducibles, or plot them straight to blueline or blackline prints.


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Have a question about house plans? Chat online with a trained professional 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

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  • We charge $15/hr for cad drafting or $.80 ( 90 cents) per square foot for house plan sets

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